As many of you know the Dublin Unified School Board voted to place a $283 million bond on the June ballot. This dwarfs the previous Measure B, the $180 million Measure C and the $99 million Measure E from 2012. This will substantially increase your property taxes. We whole heartily want to support Dublin schools and stand ready to support a future bond that details how the money will be spent. Unfortunately, this Mesure does not obligate the money to be spent on any project and leaves the allocation totally at the discretion of the School Board. The Expenditure Plan attached to the Measure lists every school and any project that sounds good to the voters.

Normally a measure put before the voters has developed an expenditure plan based on a prioritized list of needs based on an extensive analysis of current facilities and future projections. It also opens the door for using the bond for short term purchases, such as computers. A substantial portion of Measure E was spent purchasing computers for all the schools that are now obsolete and we will be paying for over the next 30 years. We cannot afford to give the school board any more blank checks. They say that some of the schools such as Dublin Elementary are old and in need of repairs. A substantial portion of the previous three bond measures went to the older schools. Why are they not repaired yet? This is the problem of approving bond measures without specific projects. The second high school was mentioned on the project list, without any obligation to spend a dime on it.

We need to stop this bond measure before all the available bonding capacity is exhausted and develop a need based carefully created expenditure plan for a future election. If you are interested in helping, and display a sign, please contact us at Together we can do what is best for our kids.

Thank you,

Dan Cherrier

For further information on bond financing details, please click here.